21 de enero de 2007

Looking for the foreing reader. Buscando al lector forastero.

During these two last weeks. Blog has received 195 visits during which 301 pages have been seen. Are visitors of many countries. Some of them, during these weeks, single have visited blog once, but there are others have repeated. I would like that specially these visitors told me what it seems to them blog. It would be thankful to them that they wrote a commentary. Durante estas dos semanas pasadas. El blog ha recibido 195 visitas durante las cuales se han visto 301 páginas. Hay visitantes de muchos paises. Algunos de ellos, durante estas semanas, solo han visitado el blog una vez, pero hay otros que han repetido. Me gustaría que especialmente estos visitantes me contaran qué les parece el blog. Les agradecería que escribieran un comentario.

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Anónimo dijo...

I was guided to your blog and not to say that I’ve enjoyed it as it is most original, imaginative and funny, please keep up with it as the talent found there is rarely found anywhere else.
The gipsy part (a gipsy repairing and fixing pots?) is simply a hilarious one hehehehehehe ways to go!!
Beautiful kids, wonderful family,

Best Regards from Montreal to all of you,